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Curious about The Misadventures of Clown ZerO?

Well, it’s a musical fiction podcast about a muse-ful, misfit clown, 

born without a mirth-mark and their band of, let’s say, special friends.  

When a Should-Storm threatens to destroy their world and sweeps away ZerO's best bud,

and lapel flower, Petal Clown ZerO finds themselves diving into the

howling storm itself—which holds up a deadly mirror to all those

who enter. ZerO is left to meander, mope, and triumph through all of the

storm’s nasty, un-delicious seven layers.

In brief, ZerO's story is a journey toward self-discovery, self-love, and,

of course, self-acceptance—but brevity,  you should know,

 never reveals the whole picture. 


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Clown ZerO

- A ponderous, misfit clown that feels too “other” to fit in. They spend their time pondering life’s most existential questions; not the least of which being: how do I do the most good with the time that I have? Or... If, like the philosopher Pythagoras thought, a person can actually fart their very soul out, how much does it stink to acknowledge there's no possible way I have a soul left?